Hong Kong Dominatrix introduction

Welcome to my Hong Kong Dominatrix website, my name is Countess Von Kink.

I am a British International Dominatrix based in London and Leeds while visiting Hong Kong several times a year.
I have a special affection for the territory because as well as being one of my favorite cities in the world to play, it is where I started my career as a ProDomme.

I was travelling around Asia and fell in love with Hong Kong so I placed an ad in the HK Magazine and the rest is history.

I was the first Domme in Hong Kong and am still going strong more than a decade later, while I am in Hong Kong, I also make trips to Thailand, Singapore, Mumbai and wherever else I feel should be under my jurisdiction.

Recent tours have included New York, Montreal, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam,  see my Travel Updates on the right for my upcoming tour.

To be a Professional Domme was obviously my calling. I realised I was an Alpha Female whilst still at school and enjoyed teasing, dominating and manipulating the male species from a young age. As soon as I discovered there was an actual profession where I could use my Feminine power to live the lifestyle I desired, I knew I had found my vocation. From the day I started, everything just fell into place and made sense. I have been sessioning for over 10 years and have no intention of quitting for at least another decade.

I am passionate with a powerful personality and born to lead. My style of play is Sensual, Sophisticated, Sultry, Playful, Erotic, Intelligent and Kinky. Teasing is my speciality.

Foot fetish video featured on Erophoric.com produced in Montreal city by Montreal Erotica


While I do have slaves who are into hardcore BDSM, most of my sessions are not about whips and chains and many of my clients are not even what I would define as real “slaves”. They are perverts, sluts, players, Latex lovers, deviants, sissies or sometimes just men with specific Kinks they know I can satisfy.

Latex fetish video featured on Erophoric.com produced in Montreal city by Montreal Erotica


Many of my clients have become long term slaves who need recurring encounters that remain vibrant and exciting while continuing to stretch their limits. I adore Role play and Psychological domination, really using my open mind and vivid imagination in sessions as well as pushing boundaries one step further.

With all my accumulated experience comes understanding and wisdom. In addition to sessioning, I offer life coaching, counselling, couples counselling, Domme training as well as phone or skype sessions and email training. For more details as to what I most take pleasure in, you can look at my Sessions page.