Travel tips

Check the weather – Before going, check the weather. Hong Kong is way more beautiful on a clear day especially if you’d like to enjoy the scenery from Victoria Peak or Ngong Ping 360 cable car. Also, pack clothes accordingly.

Money exchange – don’t bother exchanging your PHP to USD. You can change your PHP to HKD directly in Hong Kong with a very good exchange rate, especially somewhere near Central – where a lot of Filipinos gather.

Octopus card – Octopus is accepted all over Hong Kong! Use it for transportation and parking, at retail outlets, self-service machines, leisure facilities and schools as well as through online. You can even use it for access control at a growing number of residential and commercial buildings. Get one from the nearest MTR station. It’s convenient, you can use it almost anywhere and it eliminates the need for small change. You can get it for 150HKD (100HKD will be available to you and 50HKD will be a refundable deposit. Any unspent amount will be refunded with your deposit when you return it. There’s a 9HKD handling fee if you return it in less than 90 days.)
Visit the official Hong Kong Octopus travel card website:
Hong Kong travel card Octopus

Shopping – if you see something you really, really like, buy it immediately. You might not find something like it again.

Take the bus – If you’re not in such great hurry, take the double-decker bus instead of the MTR, it’s a great way to move around the city. It’s cheaper and you get to do a lot of sight-seeing.

Tram ride – When you’re in Hong Kong island, take the Tram to move around the city. It’s super inexpensive for only 2.3HKD and the views are amazing. On your way to HK island from Kowloon, you might as well take the Star Ferry too.

Food – Although there are a lot of McDonalds and BurgerKings around, try looking for authentic hole-in-a-wall places where you can find unbelievably amazing food in a super cheap price. For example, we found this small noodle place near the Ladies Market where they offer different varieties of noodles for only 22HKD.

Attractions – Ask your hotel/hostel for discounted tickets. They normally have cheaper rates than the actual price.